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Know Your Rights, Protect Your Reputation

Whichever side of the relationship you are on, whether the landlord, or the tenant, you have both rights and obligations under the law.

The landlord/tenant relationship is simply a contract between the parties. The terms of such contracts are limited by the laws of Indiana. Protect yourself and make sure you have the legal backing of an experienced attorney.

At the Law Office of Joshua D. Byanski, I will work hard to ensure you are protected for the duration of the lease, and beyond.

Contact me for help with the following matters:

  • Lease Review – Ensure that your lease terms are up-to-date with Indiana Laws. This ensures a greater amount of success if you find yourself in court later.
  • Security Deposits – These are entirely controlled by statute. Failure to follow the proper laws can mean huge losses to you. Protect your wallet and Contact me today.
  • Eviction – Now more than ever has this been an issue of contention. If you are facing an eviction or need to remove a tenant, Contact me today and protect yourself.
  • Drafting Documents – Whether it’s drafting the entire lease or a letter to your landlord/tenant. Contact me today.
  • Collecting Back Rent – Collecting rent is neither easy nor fun. Leave the details to me.
  • Termination of Lease – Navigating a lease can be tricky. Failure to follow the terms in the lease or in Indiana law can lead to severe consequences. Protect yourself before you make any move, and Contact me today.
  • Mitigation of Damages – Find out if there are ways to reduce your liability, or if a reduction is required by law.
  • Problem Landlords/Tenants – Lets face it, problems arise and sometimes there seems to be no way out. Contact me to find out how I can help.

Landlord/Tenant issues are common, and most problems are due to a lack of understanding of the law or the lease. Commonly this is due to “google-attorneys” or not being updated on the current laws. Protect yourself. There is no reason to wait when there is no cost to you. Schedule your FREE 1-hour initial consultation. Call (260) 755-3824 or Contact me today.